Stores d'aujourd'hui

STORES D’AUJOURD’HUI specializes in manufacturing, sales, repairs and  installation of window coverings.  Since 1984, we have kept our commitment to providing superior window coverings  to our valued clients, all from just one location. Our showroom is next to our manufacturing facility and ensures:

  • Acceleration of production deadlines.
  • On-site technicians to confirm availability of materials, manufacture products, evaluate alterations and repairs.
  • Communication directly between sales people and technicians for manufacturing, as per the client’s specifications. There is no middle-man.

Furthermore, in order to minimize the cost and to offer the best value for your money, we deal with international companies for the purchase of components and we ourselves manufacture/assemble the products on site.

Which brings the competence of our staff.

Quality has always been our priority.


Our strength lies in the fact that we have a wide variety of window coverings, that are custom-made and to the precise specifications of our clients. All in our on site manufacturing facility.

Commercial et institutional

We meet our clients at their office sites to take measurements and evaluate their specific needs.  We do everything we can to meet their time frame and our Customer Service is always available for any other repair or alteration of their current window coverings.

Discover our products manufactured on site in Gatineau.